Marauders: Zero to Hero Guide

Marauders: Early Access Game
Marauders: Early Access. Here is our Zero to Hero Guide!

Marauders just released to Early Access and you’re ready to take on space in your trusty Rustbucket! If you don’t know about this awesome game yet, check out a Marauders review! To get Marauder skins, stronger guns, better armor, and the biggest ships and upgrades, you will want to follow our Marauders Zero to Hero quest guide and complete all missions. These missions aren’t explained in great detail so we’re stepping in to guide you to complete these challenging tasks.

To find the Zero to Hero quests, go to the Contracts tab in-game and you can begin your missions.

Note: Please check back in regularly as Marauders is still in-development and this list may change!

Marauders Zero to Hero Guide – Mission List

1. Basic Resupply

Task: Deliver 3 Junk Scrap
Reward: $ 2,100 / 10 Rep Pirates / 10mm Ammo / MP40

To complete this quest, you must scrap armor and weapons until you have 3 Junk Scrap. You can also find Junk Scrap in raids. If you need gear to scrap, you can buy from traders or enter a raid to pick up the pistol and armor in your ship and leave the map quickly.

2. Repo Man

Task: Examine the Asteroid Half Track Bike for 3 seconds
Reward: $ 2,350 / 150 Experience / 35 Rep Pirates / Commando Backpack

For this quest, you must find the Asteroid Half Track Bike in the Iridium Asteroid Mine. This can be confusing for new players. To find the Half Track Bike, you will travel to the middle of the map and interact with the bike for 3 seconds. Follow this guide if you have difficulty finding the location of the bike!

3. Make Your Mark

Task: Get 5 kills with any weapon
Reward: $ 2,800 / 90 Experience / 50 Rep Pirates / .32 ACP / Mat-49

Complete this quest by killing any 5 enemies using any weapon. It does not matter if these are AI or player Marauders. To do this quickly, enter raid and rush your ship to the landing bay to avoid space combat. Work your way through the map to hunt down easy AI kills.

4. Stand Out

Task: Kill 3 Marauders
Reward: $ 3,000 / 100 Experience / 75 Rep Pirates / Ammo Box

This quest is similar to the previous, but you must kill enemy player Marauders. You can hunt enemy players by entering raid locations and following gunshot sounds or using your pod to breach enemy ships. Either way, be sure to bring your best weapons and armor to have an advantage over other players.

5. Advanced Resupply

Task: Deliver 8 Metal Sheets
Reward: $ 3,550 / 110 Experience / 90 Rep Pirates / Small Shield / Small Shield recipe

The best way to complete this quest is to keep it in mind early on. Save all Metal Sheets you find in raid to turn in for this quest. If you find yourself in need of more Metal Sheets, keep an eye out for blue toolboxes, garbage cans, and boxes. These sheets take up a 2×2 slot and can be stacked up to 5 in one slot. Be sure to bring a backpack or armor with slots to carry these out.

6. Pirate Rank

Task: Examine the Merchant Frigate Engine for 25 seconds
Reward: $ 3,250 / 140 Experience / 100 Rep Pirates / Outlaw Pressure Suit Body Cosmetic

To find the Merchant Frigate Ship, keep an eye out for the ship in space outside of the raid space station. These ships are distinguished by their large size, numerous pod bays, and bright red lights. Once you enter the ship, you will have to clear any enemy AI and get to the engine room. Examine the Engine for 25 seconds to complete.

7. Guild Membership

Task: Deliver a Silver Coin
Reward: $ 5,250 / 120 Experience / 100 Rep Pirates / M1 Flak Vest / M1 Helmet

You can find Silver Coins on many AI enemies and dead crew bodies. By the time you reach this quest, you will most likely have picked up on. Save it for this quest for an easy turn in. If you need to find one, safes are also a good target but require a lockpick. You can also look for these coins in the Admin Office in the Spaceport map.

8. Scouting Party

Task: Hold the Furnace for 90 seconds
Reward: $ 5,000 / 120 Experience / 110 Rep Pirates / Outlaw Pressure Suit Head Cosmetic

To complete this quest, you will need to find the Blast Furnace area in the Iridium Asteroid Mine map. To quickly get there, avoid the ramp at the Security area and enter one of the doors past the vehicles at the end. You will come to the Canteen area, but continuing further in this direction, you will find the Blast Furnace area. Hold this area for 90 seconds to complete this quest.

9. The Legend Begins

Task: Kill 20 Security
Reward: $ 2,500 / 225 Experience / 50 Rep Pirates / Compact Container

Completing this quest will require you to defeat 20 security AI. These AI are found on ships floating outside the raid space stations. The Merchant Frigate is an example of a ship with security forces on-board. Hunt for these ships to collect your security AI kills.

10. Merchant Inspector

Task: Discover the Merchant Marked Container
Reward: $ 3,250 / 275 Experience / 75 Rep Pirates / Large Supply Drop

You will need to find another Merchant Frigate to complete this quest. Within the ship there will be a marked container in the lower part of the larger storage area, close to the ship’s edge. The container will be marked with a red line. Interact with this container for 3 seconds to complete this mission.

11. Major Tom

Task: Destroy 5 Radar Towers
Reward: (We could use your help here!)

This quest will require shooting out the radar towers found around the space stations in each raid. These are easily spotted by their rotating satellite dishes. Shoot them a few times to destroy. If you are on the Penal Colony or Navy Outpost maps, you can find a larger number of these in one raid.

12. Run Dry

Task: Deliver 3 Ration Crates
Reward: (We could use your help here!)

To complete this quest, you will need to turn in 3 Ration Crates. These are 2×2 wooden boxes filled with food rations. They can commonly be found in kitchens and dining areas, but can appear in many different containers. Try to collect these before you reach this quest.

13. Behind The Lock

Task: Hold the Blast Furnace Big Depot for 30 seconds
Reward: (We could use your help here!)

This quest is particularly difficult because there is not much information on the required “Mine Token” that unlocks to necessary room for this quest. If you happen to find one, keep it safe! Once you have the token, take it to the Blast Furnace area on the Iridium Asteroid Mine map and open the door that says “Big Depot” using the token. Hold this room for 30 seconds to complete.

14. Pirate Competition

Task: Kill 8 Marauders
Reward: (We could use your help here!)

This quest is similar to mission #4 Stand Out, but requires killing 8 player Marauders. Similarly, you will want to hunt for players in space stations following their gunshots or breach their ships and wipe them out. Remember to use better armor and weapons for the PVP advantage.

Marauders Zero to Hero Guide – Item Cheatsheet

Keep these items stocked to turn in your quests quickly!

  • 3x Junk Scrap
  • 8x Metal Sheet
  • 1x Silver Coin
  • 3x Ration Crate
  • 1x Mine Token

We hope this Marauders Zero to Hero mission guide has helped you progress in your quests. Comment below and tell us how you’re progressing!

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