Hunt: Showdown Best Weapons To Use (2023)


Hunt: Showdown is a first-person shooter game that takes place in the late 1800s in Louisiana. The game combines elements of battle royale, PvP, and PvE, where players must hunt down and eliminate monsters while also fighting against other players. If you’re not familiar with the game, check our Hunt: Showdown review! With a variety of weapons available, players must choose the best loadout to survive and succeed in this intense and immersive game.

Here is a list of the 8 best weapons to use in Hunt: Showdown and a brief summary of their benefits and costs:

1. Mosin-Nagant M1891

Hunt Showdown Mosin

The Mosin-Nagant M1891 is a high damage, high velocity bolt-action rifle that offers a quick reload. Its damage and range make it a popular choice for long-range engagements. It also offers multiple variants to choose from that can fit several playstyles. However, its main drawback is its cost, which makes it an expensive investment for newer players.

2. Sparks LRR

The Sparks LRR is a powerful and affordable rifle in Hunt: Showdown. It boasts high damage and velocity, making it lethal at long ranges. However, it is a single-shot weapon with a slow reload time, making it less effective in close quarters combat. Despite this drawback, its low cost and effectiveness at long ranges make it a popular choice among hunters.

3. Romero 77

The Romero 77 shotgun in Hunt: Showdown is a powerful weapon with high damage and a low cost. It is a close-range weapon with a single shot and slow reload time. It can be effective in taking down enemies quickly, but it requires careful aim and positioning to make the most of its strengths.

4. Crown & King

Hunt Showdown Crown & King

The Crown & King is a shotgun from Hunt: Showdown with a high ammo capacity, good rate of fire, and high damage. It’s a popular choice among players due to its ability to quickly take out multiple targets. However, its slow reload speed and high cost can be a drawback.

5. Dolch 96

Hunt Showdown Dolch 96

The Dolch 96 is a semi-automatic pistol that offers a good balance between power and speed. It has high accuracy and a fast fire rate, making it effective in close to medium-range combat. Its downside is that it is expensive and has a small magazine capacity, so players need to be accurate with their shots.

6. Winfield M1873 and M1873c

Hunt Showdown Winfield

The Winfield M1873 and M1873C rifles are both reliable and accurate weapons in Hunt: Showdown. The M1873C is a cheaper variant with lower ammo capacity, but still has decent accuracy and is effective at medium ranges. The M1873, on the other hand, has a higher ammo capacity and is a better choice for players who want to engage in longer fights. Overall, the Winfield rifles are a solid choice for any hunter looking for a reliable firearm.

7. LeMat Revolver

Hunt Showdown Lemat

The LeMat is a versatile revolver in Hunt: Showdown that offers nine rounds of ammunition and a single shotgun blast. It can also be loaded with shotgun slug ammo, making it an effective choice at close range and for taking out players quickly. However, it has a slow reload time and a relatively high cost.

8. Nagant Officer

Hunt Showdown Nagant Officer

The Nagant Officer is a quick-firing revolver that has good alternative ammo types. The gun can shoot quickly and has a decent damage output, making it a solid option for close to medium range engagements. It is a particularly good sidearm to pair with slower, powerful rifles.

Overall, the choice of weapon largely depends on personal preference and playstyle. Players should consider their budget, preferred combat range, and skill level when choosing a weapon to use in Hunt: Showdown.

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